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Keep Margate Green

If you train your dog, you know the need to also have a place with lots of green grass! Whether dogs are running around or training for specific purposes, you need some green space for dog training! That said, go to and support keeping Margate, Florida full of flowers, trees birds and beautiful green […]

Marker Training

Learning marker training will help big time with these issues! I use “YES” as a marker. YES means you did the right thing, and some sort of reward is coming. There are two things you need to be focused on. It’s YES, PAUSE, then..REWARD. If you say yes as your hand is moving the dog […]

When You Aren’t Looking…

When we are not paying attention our dogs are more likely to engage in unwanted behaviors.  For example, when someone is at the door… They know your attention is divided. Normally you are standing over them giving them a command like sit, down, stay or place and they know you are paying attention to them. […]

Crating Your Puppy

If you look up my business on Google you’ll find 60+ five star reviews. Many of the reviews tell stories of dogs that were aggressive, disruptive, unruly, out of control, reactive and how we helped bring peace back into their homes with the training provided. If you look on Amazon you’ll see positive reviews of […]

When should you start to socialize your new puppy?

For many new and experienced dog owners, there is always the debate of when to start socializing your new pup? For most people who get a new puppy, it should be no less than 8 weeks old when taken away from the litter and the mom. After that, most vets will tell you NOT to […]

How to Get Your Dog to Listen

From Your Home to the Real World Do you want to know how to get your dog to listen anywhere you go? Are you having a hard time getting your dog’s attention when your out and about? Is it really a challenge getting him to listen to you anywhere you are? Here, let us teach […]

We want to socialize and expose our four legged furry friends to the elements of the world…

So we’ve talked about the idea that your dog (especially if you have a puppy) needs more, safe and gentle, exposure to the world they’ll be joining you in. I want to tell you a story about why this is so important. I had a client that had a fenced in yard and so their […]

Other things you need to realize about group classes

A few days ago we talked about how Group Classes sound like a good idea on the surface, but they cause way more problems than they solve because there’s too much going on to really create a good space for your pup’s learning. Today we are going to talk about another common misconception with group […]

A few tips and tricks to have a healthy pup

Here are a few things you can do on a regular basis that will keep your dog healthier longer. Eating a good diet (we tend to put a lot of our dogs on a “Raw Diet”) can help them stay fit and healthy with a good balance of energy. Making sure they are getting the […]

Does your dog listen to you?

One of the biggest complaints I hear from dog owners: “My dog doesn’t listen to me!” You see, your dog is ALWAYS watching you, always learning from you, and ALWAYS hears you. Do you get your dog to follow through? One HUGE mistake is the dog who gets too much freedom too fast. Perfect example. […]