Meet Gracie, one of our favorite lab pups!

Gracie didn’t have any behavior problems YET, and that’s the point. We want to prevent the bad habits from starting in the first place.

Here’s what Gracie’s mom has to say…

“When I first got Gracie at 8 weeks, I tried the first four weeks to do the training on my own. I was able to get the potty and crate training down, but I needed help with building a foundation and getting Gracie to the best of her ability.

I didn’t have any issues with her, but I knew I needed to get her started with training at a young age cause if I didn’t then problems would arise and I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. I spoke to my mom who had sent her dog to WK9 and a friend who did the same.

They both said they would never get another dog unless they sent to it to WK9. And, now, I’m saying the same exact thing.

Wk9’s Elite training package has been a life saver. You don’t realize how helpful it is to be able to reach out as often and as necessary as needed, and know you will get a straight-forward honest response and the best guidance on how to correct any issues that may arise.

I sent Gracie at 12 weeks old for three weeks. She came back with manners. I had to reinforce everything that she was taught.

I would send her back to Wk9 here and there for a weekend or so to keep her socialized with other dogs and get lots of exercise and keep her manners and obedience intact.

When she was home with me I worked with her and still do, everyday. It’s a lot of work, but WK9 does the hard part by building the foundation. Our jobs are to continue and reinforce and ask questions, as needed.

The program offers the online elite page that I truly truly depend on and benefit from. Dogs go through all different stages in life and I wouldn’t have had a clue on how to handle these stages.

I can’t express enough how worth it and how much you and your puppy will benefit from it.

And, most importantly, they are great people that treat each dog as if it were their own. The dogs are in great safe hands.

Westchester K9 Dog Training

Thank you to Gracie and mom!

We love having puppies start early to insure they get the best life possible, and knowing that we get to be a part of it, makes us incredibly honored and proud!

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